La Boheme Preview!

Just a couple of the things I have been making for the month of October!


Catwa eyeshadows and Halloweeny mesh eyes.  Lots of goodness to be released soon, stay tuned. ♥

La Boheme for Fifty5 Thursday

Ah, we’re back in the Fifty5 Thursday sale this week, with four items for the LeLutka mesh head system priced at, you guessed it, 55 lindens. I know it is only Sunday, but our items are already set out and good to go.  Demos provided at the display to the right of our entryway. Check the slideshow ads for preview of the items set out now!

Side note: Santana (me!) went crazy and deleted the store..again.  Not the items, but the building.  Intentionally.  Then stood there for 45 minutes trying to think what to set down, and you know, I put this microscopic store down in its stead (its not microscopic, but like a quarter of the size).  So now the store looks super tiny and has mesh vendors in there to house the 1,000+ items and.. *sigh*  It’s big enough for what I have, I lost the drive for monstrous stores. We’ll chalk it up as Japanese chic, never you mind that neither I nor the store are Japanese…

La Boheme @ The Wash’s Indian Summer Cart Sale

Hey folks. =)  Yes, it is that time for another sim-wide cart sale at the Wash!  You know you love these sales – 10 items @ $10 each. Well, that La Boheme is located at the Wash, of course we’re going to have a booth! Ours is located right outside our shop, very easy to find. At present people are only just starting to set up their displays, but as I look around, there are some already shoppable, including La Boheme’s display. *yay*

So hop down and check out our loot, peruse others.  The event officially opens September 14th and runs through the 28th, but you can shop early and check out what’s available beforehand – and before the lag strikes from 4583983 shoppers clogging the sim up!  The ads in the slideshow below will convey what we are offering at only $10 a set. ♥

La Boheme is seeking bloggers in Second Life!

Recently we’ve cleared house and kept a core group of bloggers for the shop, but this also opens up the potential of taking on a few new bloggers who might be interested. Read on if you are a blogger potentially interested in working with La Boheme.

What is expected of a blogger:
At the beginning of each month we send out a store blogger pack with a multitude of items to our bloggers.  Within the span of that month we expect 2 blog posts at the very least which clearly displays an item from the blogger package and lists its name and what it is in the itemized style card.  IE: Nails – La Boheme (item name).  The same as most bloggers do for their ensemble posts.  If the blogger wishes to do more than 2 a month, that is entirely up to them and most welcomed.  That’s it!

What we look for in bloggers/blogs:
– We prefer blogs established for at least a year, but do make exceptions if the blog is well presented.
– Active blogs updated relatively regularly.  One post in three months does not cut it.
– Attractive blogs which are well thought out, communicate well and aren’t reckless eyesores.
– We are open to blogs in languages other than English so long as the blogger can speak/read English well enough to understand the info note cards in each blogger pack and also communicate with us when needed. Santana and Talus are lazy and only speak English, so sorry. =(
– Blogs which also post to frequently viewed Second Life related feeds for a wider audience.

What a blogger will need:
– A love of cosmetics, because that’s what we sell. lol
– Either Slink or Maitreya mesh hands (or Omega friendly hands) to be able to present our nail polishes when applicable.
– Catwa mesh head option – We are going to be releasing loads of Catwa-based cosmetics over the next several months, so having a Catwa head is preferred as of now but not necessarily mandatory.  LeLutka and Classic SL avatar cosmetics are on the back burner at present and will not be provided in blogger packs for a spell.
– The ability to maneuver mesh eyes if placement needs tweaking – we have been releasing tons of mesh and system eyes, so showing off those peepers is important.

That’s it!  Please drop a notecard on Santana Lumiere in-world with your SL name (not rename), URL to your blog, and any other information you wish to provide, such as the feeds you send posts to or anything at all about your blog.  Label the notecard “LB Blogger Application – (Your name),” please! ♥

La Boheme is back from summer vacation!

It’s been a nice, long summer vacation.  My SL business partner & RL boyfriend Talus came to stay with me for seven weeks where we loafed about and played Fallout 4 nonstop.  It may not sound very exciting, but it was a laid back vacation we were both in desperate need of.  The irony is, in the beginning I did not know how to stop working on store stuff and it took a great amount of effort to make myself STOP working. haha  When you put in 8-16 hour days making graphics, it becomes a habit which is difficult to break.

What’s coming soon from La Boheme: CATWA mesh head cosmetics!

I’ve already cranked out 31 sets of lip appliers for the Catwa mesh system, that’s 310 lipsticks! At this point I think we can all confirm that this past week I’ve had absolutely no life except waking up and working on cosmetics for this mesh head system. lol  These five separate lines of lipsticks are now in processing which Talus takes care of, and will be launching this October at various events (stay tuned, I will list these in the blog as they are released).

I am going to scribble a few blurbs here, but hide it behind a page cut so those who are interested may read on and the rest of you aren’t inundated with my rambling.


La Boheme @ We <3 RP - September 2016

Over at We ♥ RP, there are fifteen sets of eyes available for only $50 a set. Each set includes 10 system mesh eyes, 10 pairs of mesh eyes and 10 pairs of mesh eyes with materials enabled.  All the mesh eyes are modifiable so you can fiddle about with their settings and size that you may wear them as you like. =)

Grab them now before the pricing shifts to $75 a set once the event is over!

Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.

La Boheme @ The Cosmetic Fair

The Cosmetic Fair – June 15th-30th (No LM Yet)

All exclusive items are $50 a set.

La Boheme @ We Love Role Play

We ♥ RP – June 4th-30th

All exclusive items are $50 a set.