La Boheme @ The December Cosmetic Fair

The Cosmetic Fair opens tomorrow on the 15th mid-afternoon.  Be sure to stop by and check out all the amazing cosmetics and eyes which people have out to peruse!  This month La Boheme is offering the Seoul lips which comes in six color themed sets, five eyeshadows and three sets of eyes there – all for merely $50 for the duration of the event.  Take a taxi to the Cosmetic Fair.

La Boheme @ We Love RP December 2017 Round

The month is nearly half over, don’t forget to drop by We ♥ RP and pick up the sales on eyes and cosmetics while you can.   News for LeLutka mesh eye wearers – La Boheme has now integrated this system into our eye packages as of this current month, so all new release eye packages have LeLutka appliers now, as well. ♥  The eye set Kinski is marked down to $10 for this month only and all other products are merely $50 a set for the duration of the event.  Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.



La Boheme – Sneak preview of what is coming!

I did it.  I totally had fun doing it, too.   Behold..!  An array of false eyelashes for every mood.

The Cosmetic Fair will open on June 15th for another seasonal round, and the theme is red hot summer!  Well, ok, they aren’t red in the pictures, I get that, but La Boheme will be offering six different sets of false eye lashes for the Catwa mesh head system and they are 100% tintable.   Which means, if you want red eyelashes, well by golly you can have red eyelashes.   Each set will contain five upper lash variations and five lower lash variations, from thick lashes to snazzy lashes, full lashes, natural lashes and more lashes than you can shake a lash at.   We have standard styles, glittery glitz, feathers, laces and other fun styles, too.  Better yet?   Each set will be only $50 at the event, so scoop them up and make your red hot?

I will also have some Catwa lipsticks and new eyes being featured at the event!  More info and a taxi with landmark will be provided in a more proper post with all ad previews closer to event opening. ♥

Taking a moment to answer some common customer questions…!

Hi there. =)

Santana Lumiere (me!) has been a content creator in Second Life since early 2004 under the store name Nevermore.  As a designer, I get a wide range of comments from customers, both appreciative and complaints.  This is common place and all of it taken  into consideration for future products.   I would like to take a moment to field some comments I have amassed over the years and hope this helps those who are new to perusing La Boheme products.   This article will later appear as a permanent page for future access.


La Boheme @ The Skin Fair 2017

The Skin Fair is nearly here!   From March 10th-26th is your time to engulf yourself in monstrous lag to struggle with your fellow SLers in reaching for the newest, the best, the most desirable of skins, cosmetics and so forth to adorn your avatar all in one location.  Take a taxi to the Skin Fair (only works once event opens). La Boheme is located on the 2nd sim for the event, and hopefully this link will provide you a beacon to follow to our stall.

We will be releasing some new polishes there and including some more recent releases, each set is marked down to a mere $35!

Our exclusives are four sets of lip glosses created for Catwa’s Kimberly Bento head.  I cannot vouch whether these will look the same on Catwa’s other heads, so please make use of the demos provided to check for yourself!  Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

And last but never least, our duo-release of Catwa bento and non bento eye cosmetics (also launching at this month’s We ♥ RP event). Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Skin Fair and come away with lots of loot.  While there, please visit La Boheme’s stall so you can snatch up this gift for only $1…  Love you guys! ♥♥♥


La Boheme @ We Love Role play March 2017

Hey folks! We ♥ RP opens its doors for another round tomorrow (the 4th) and runs til the end of the month.  We have  a bunch of stuff to offer everyone for only $50 per set for the duration of the event. Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.

First let me happily flaunt the 14 sets of eyes all themed after the 14 tribes of garou from the RPG World of Darkness.  They range in style and darkness depending on the overall humanity vs more wolf aspect of the tribes. \o/  World of Darkness is one of my all-time favorite RPGs and so I was excited to do one based on the 13 tribes of garou + the 1 extinct tribe (which, invariably, someone always asks to play in a campaign and you have to slap them down and remind them White Howlers are DEAD haha).  Also… We have added Catwa Mesh Eye appliers to our eye sets and plan to do so until.. well, until we get sick of making eyes.  New and shiny eyes.. oooohhh… ahhhh…  ooohhhhhh…

Secondly I am offering more Catwa cosmetics, but most of it is for the bento heads!  Some cross over between bento and regular Catwa mesh heads and are marked as thus.  Some are just for the Catwa regular heads.  Read what I used to create each set for and if you own neither the Gwen mesh head or the Kimberly bento head, feel free to try on demos because the appliers are script compatible with all of Catwa’s mesh heads and maybe something will look good on you.   Please note the release of these nine items will be twofold – released here and at the skin fair simultaneously.


You Rock – A Thank You For My Customers

I just wanted to say that I love making my customers happy, and those moments of interaction with a happy outcome, sometimes a note left me, all mean so much to me!

It’s not always about wanting my shop to be a success or making money (I would be in the wrong line of work if these were not factors..!). It’s when I come away with a smile because someone was incredibly kind or sweet or I was able to make someone else smile.  Those moments, they make it all worthwhile.  ♥

You all rock, there’s no other way for me to say it.  Much love and thank you.

Minor Blurb on Skin Tones & Nails

Just a quicky heads up, I have refined the skin tones I use for my french manicure styles. I felt kind of bad that there’s limited shades to my 10-color palette which previously excluded those of African-derived complexion or those of nationalities which are rich and dark in skin tone.   The usual shades to my skin tone set have been revamped and reduced to permit two tones catered to those of darker persuasion than previously featured.   No, I cannot cover every spectrum of skin tones various makers provide for their skins, sorry, but I will do what I can.

This will not affect nail polishes previously created, only future ones from this day forward.   I do have some nail sets which will be released this Thursday, and those are the old color palette’s top row only.

I will be releasing several varieties of french manicures in March which reflect these changes, ranging from unpolished, to gloss and then with a few standard tip shapes.  These will include both hands & feet applier huds for all systems which I create for: Slink, Maitreya and then Omega capable.

La Boheme – Back with Fifty5 Thursdays!

While I am not going to be a regular weekly participant again due to relaxing my time on SL designing, I will be in their sales more often than the last five months.

What is Fifty5 Thurdays?   It’s a huuuge sales list of participating designers, and every Thursday a new sale begins where specific advertised items are marked down to $55.  There is no group to join, no group tag to wear, it is for everyone to enjoy.  While it does say Thursday, I like to leave the items out til the end of the weekend because some people have no concept of time! ♥ You can join their  weekly mailing list for the sale ads, there will be a kiosk right next to the display when these are set out on Thursday, or simply visit their website for all product previews every Thursday.

This week from La Boheme are some very brand new nails.. So new, I have not even got them in the vendors yet!  Again, each double set is only $55 for Thursday through to the end of subsequent weekend.