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La Boheme @ The Skin Fair 2017

The Skin Fair is nearly here!   From March 10th-26th is your time to engulf yourself in monstrous lag to struggle with your fellow SLers in reaching for the newest, the best, the most desirable of skins, cosmetics and so forth to adorn your avatar all in one location.  Take a taxi to the Skin Fair (only works once event opens). La Boheme is located on the 2nd sim for the event, and hopefully this link will provide you a beacon to follow to our stall.

We will be releasing some new polishes there and including some more recent releases, each set is marked down to a mere $35!

Our exclusives are four sets of lip glosses created for Catwa’s Kimberly Bento head.  I cannot vouch whether these will look the same on Catwa’s other heads, so please make use of the demos provided to check for yourself!  Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

And last but never least, our duo-release of Catwa bento and non bento eye cosmetics (also launching at this month’s We ♥ RP event). Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Skin Fair and come away with lots of loot.  While there, please visit La Boheme’s stall so you can snatch up this gift for only $1…  Love you guys! ♥♥♥


La Boheme @ We Love Role play March 2017

Hey folks! We ♥ RP opens its doors for another round tomorrow (the 4th) and runs til the end of the month.  We have  a bunch of stuff to offer everyone for only $50 per set for the duration of the event. Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.

First let me happily flaunt the 14 sets of eyes all themed after the 14 tribes of garou from the RPG World of Darkness.  They range in style and darkness depending on the overall humanity vs more wolf aspect of the tribes. \o/  World of Darkness is one of my all-time favorite RPGs and so I was excited to do one based on the 13 tribes of garou + the 1 extinct tribe (which, invariably, someone always asks to play in a campaign and you have to slap them down and remind them White Howlers are DEAD haha).  Also… We have added Catwa Mesh Eye appliers to our eye sets and plan to do so until.. well, until we get sick of making eyes.  New and shiny eyes.. oooohhh… ahhhh…  ooohhhhhh…

Secondly I am offering more Catwa cosmetics, but most of it is for the bento heads!  Some cross over between bento and regular Catwa mesh heads and are marked as thus.  Some are just for the Catwa regular heads.  Read what I used to create each set for and if you own neither the Gwen mesh head or the Kimberly bento head, feel free to try on demos because the appliers are script compatible with all of Catwa’s mesh heads and maybe something will look good on you.   Please note the release of these nine items will be twofold – released here and at the skin fair simultaneously.