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La Boheme – About Group Notices

For some time now I have not been sending out mail to those who have subscribed to our news bulletin.  The reason for this is simple: The company who hosts it is asking about $1,800 a month simply to keep the newsgroup active which is highway robbery, in my opinion (that’s $21,600 to send out 12 notices a year!) .  I’ve searched the marketplace for other subscribers where one can simply click the sign to join or unjoin as I dislike making an actual store group in SL for the lack of space many people have as to group joining.  I have not found one which will not charge me a spectacular cost to accommodate the amount of people subscribed to my newsgroup (They all seem to boost the cost substantially after you pass the 500 or 750 member mark).

Therefore, after December I will no longer be using one.  Unless someone knows of a decent inexpensive one and wishes to let me know in-world (Santana Lumiere is my avatar), you will need to rely on this blog, Flickr or when I occasionally spam freebie groups with news as to my store, new products and giveaways and the likes.  I apologize for this inconvenience.

La Boheme’s Holiday Gifts under the Christmas Tree!


As has been tradition, each week of December you will find a new gift under our in-world store Christmas tree.  For that week only the gift is free and waiting to be scooped up and taken home with you.  This is our thank you to all of our patronage who have been so kind and supportive over the years (This will be our 12th Christmas in SL!).

Please note: Requests for gifts of a previous week will not be met.  Right next to the Christmas tree is a display of 42 holiday themed nail appliers all discounted to $20 for the entire month of December.  If you fail to grab one of the weekly gifts on time, you can purchase them from the wall display right there super cheap! ♥

La Boheme was nominated in the Avi Choice Awards O.o

I woke up today and did my usual morning routines.. To see I received the normal bulk load of messages on SL..  Of which one was from the Avi Choice Awards. O.o   I logged into SL to clear out the notices and ims, to see what might be amiss.  Sure enough, there is the notecard from the Avi Choice awards sitting in my folder.

Congratulations!  You have been nominated for an Avi Choice Award!  For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the SLife, Fashion ad Arts categories, via the Avi Choice website.  After a process of consolidation, you are a finalist and eligible for voting.

The specific category you have been nominated for is:
Favorite Cosmetics Designer

Voting ends on Nov. 28th at 5pm, so spread the word to vote!  NOTE: Voting is limited to one vote, per avatar and ISP, per category.


Holy smokes, folks.  That is very kind of you to nominate me, whomever you are.  I send you hugs and smiles and you know, I just feel.. special.  And not in the short bus kind of way which is usually how I feel. lol  Thank you.   I don’t expect to win as there are so many talented cosmetic designers out there in SL, but the recognition is enough.  ♥

SL needs an internal Better Business Bureau!

This is a post of personal reflection to some very poor conduct of a sales group admin, a well as some suggestions for those who do run events, groups or salesroom on how to cut down on group spam which is a win/win situation for everyone involved in that group. I’ll tuck it behind this tag here, so that those who might not be interested aren’t forced to read it. ♥


On cosmetics for specific mesh head systems

One of my store bloggers asked me a question the other day, and therefore I just wanted to do a tiny explanation for everyone why things are as they are.

I make cosmetics (and mesh eyes and nail polish), and as a former skin designer I realize that making cosmetics entirely universal is very difficult and next to impossible unless making them for a specific skin.  As a third party cosmetics designer, we have to hope that our products look fine on any number of skins (granted the skin one wears beneath the cosmetics is not full of dark cosmetics to begin with) and can cover lips, not mess with eyebrows, etc.  The thing is, every designer of skins sets these differently, and therefore 100% camouflage is not possible always.  Sometimes a cosmetic layer over an existing skin just does not work with that specific skin, and as a third party designer it can be a challenge.


La Boheme @ We ♥ RP November round

Oh, so many goodies to blurb about here.   For this round of We ♥ Role Play, La Boheme has made a slew of new items: Lipsticks, eyeshadows, face paints all for the Catwa mesh system, and some mesh eyes!  All item sets are only $50 each for the duration of the event before they come home to the store at the end of the month and will be at full price: $75.

We ♥ RP runs from the 4th through to the end of the month.  Take a taxi there.

La Boheme – Mini Halloween Sale


From now through to the end of October 31st, La Boheme has put 16 sets of Halloweeny nail polish appliers on sale for only $10 a set.

Beyond this, we have two more sets of Halloween nails for free right below the wall display of the sale items (do not use vendors, sale items are on the wall to the left of the entryway), plus there are two more sets of nails through a hunt in the shop.

Happy Halloween!


Reminder previews of the four sets of nail polish appliers you can get as freebies/dollarbies til the end of the month at La Boheme!