La Boheme @ We <3 RP until September 30th

Don’t miss out on the 30% off sale of items La Boheme has over at this round of We <3 RP.  All items are priced at L$50 until the end of the event, thereafter will be L$75 in the store. These are for standard SL avatars only, not mesh heads.

Take a taxi to We <3 RP.

This is the launch of the Kissable Lips line, an offshoot of Glamour Lips.  There are 14 sets available at We <3 RP, each set holding two colorways in five shades of dark to light. That’s ten lips total for only L$50!  These are lush, pouty lips which come in a multitude of styles and colors and give you a desired effect many use mesh augmentation to achieve.  Check out the demos!

Also to be had are two double sets of Glamour Eyes shadows, and two more additions to the Organic Tribals Face Paints which are unisex.

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