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La Boheme – Gifts, Sales, Hunts & Events for December 2015

Whew!  I cannot express how nice it is to sit back and relax after months of continual labor for the shop.  Sadly, in down time, I keep catching myself feeling lost because there’s no more nails to convert and that was becoming a regular thing. lol  Like a deer in headlights – what do I do with myself?!

Fear not, there’s still a few things yet to start for December: The Candy Cane Lane Gacha & Shopping Expo begins on the 12th, and also the Wash is having another cart sale beginning on the 18th, and La Boheme’s is right out front our shop (we’re located at the Wash).  Each week a new holiday gift will be under our tree for you, as well as a multitude of other freebies and dollarbies.  The second half of the month is going to be a big sale, too!  Keep your eye out. <3


La Boheme’s December Schedule!

GIVEAWAYS —- These occur at La Boheme’s in-world shop location.

  1. Once more, for each week of December, La Boheme has gifts to give away in celebration of the holidays!
    Week 1, December 01st – 07th –  Related post and previews.
    Week 2, December 08th – 14th
    Week 3, December 15th – 21st
    Week 4, December 22nd – 31st
    (Those who miss a week will be out of luck and need to buy the appliers from vendors in our shop.)
  2. The OMNI Collection giveaway will continue until December 25th where one lucky recipient will win La Boheme’s entire collection of nail appliers – that’s 457 sets!  Related post.

SALES —- These occur at La Boheme’s in-world shop location.

  1. La Boheme’s entire collection of holiday-themed nail appliers will be on sale for $25 each throughout the entire month at our in-world location.  Exclusives for current events or hunts are excluded, however will be added into the collection once those events end. These sale items are in a display to the left of the front counter, hard to miss!
  2. Fifty5 Thursdays – We will continue to bring you four items a week on sale for $55.  These tend to be activated on Tuesday and removed on Sunday. Check back each week to see what items can be found at discount!
  3. La Boheme’s $10 Bi-Monthly Discount Area – Twice a month eight items are set out for sale for only $10 each!  Don’t miss out on these nearly free items!
  4. December 18th – 31st – The entire in-world store will go into a year end sale for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

HUNTS —-  These occur at La Boheme’s in-world shop locationRelated post and previews.

  1. Let It Snow Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $1 for prize.
  2. Gingerbread Winter Wonderland Hunt – Dec 1st – 25th.  $1 for prize.
  3. Jolify Your Body Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $0 for prize.

SPECIAL EVENT —- These occur at La Boheme’s in-world shop location.

  1. La Boheme is a participant of the KittyCatS 2015 Advent Calendar. Our day is the 2nd, but prepare for free loot every day until Christmas from this advent calendar!  Fortunately we have one at our shop – left of the events wall, it has a baby blue frame and is hard to miss!  If you can’t get in there, then try the main store for KittyCats.
  2. Group gifts for ! Maitreya Maniacs !, Maitreya Gifts and SL F&O.  I left a group joiner above each gift near the events wall for your convenience.


  1. Frozzen Fair – December 2nd – 16th. Taxi.
  2. Winter Trend Fair – Dec 4th – 18th. Taxi.
  3. A Frozen Christmas: SL Christmas Expo in Support of Relay for Life. Dec 3rd – 14th. Taxi.
  4. Alcoholics Anonymous Events’ Xmas Bash 2015.  Dec 15th – 21st. Related post and preview. Taxi.
  5. Candy Cane Land Gacha & Shopping Event. Dec 12th – 31st. Taxi.
  6. Nail It Good’s Naughty or Nice Event.  Dec 1st – 15th. Taxi.
  7. The Fa-La-La-La-La Gacha Event.  Dec 13th – 26th. Taxi.

La Boheme’s 2015 Holiday Nails + Giveaway!

La Boheme $10 Holiday Nails + Giveaway

Essentially, who wants to win the *entire* OMNI nail collection from La Boheme?  We’ve finished all conversions and now each OMNI set contains appliers for Slink, Omega and Maitreya.  There are 457 of them, and to celebrate all the hard work which went into them and the end of the conversion, we’d like to gift the entire horde to one lucky person on Christmas day!

How it works: A special billboard with the above image is set up in the shop, anyone can buy the 2015 Christmas Star holiday nail applier set for only $10. As a thank you from La Boheme to all of our patronage, purchase of these nails automatically enters you into the drawing on December 25th. There’s nothing you have to do but enjoy your holiday nails!  The grand prize is copy/no transfer permissions, so there is no monetary value to be had in this drawing.  Anyone can join, but if you want multiple entries to better your chances, the only way to get that is by purchasing the holiday nail set again (sorry, due to limitations and legality in SL, I could not offer this giveaway a different way).

Good luck, and enjoy the holiday season. <3

La Boheme’s Four Weeks of Holiday Giveaways!

Each week of December, you can find a newly unlocked gift under the store tree for free!

Week 1 is waiting for you. =)

Week 1, December 01st – 07th –  Deck The Halls in both gold and silver. (Green/red with frosty holly)
Week 2, December 08th – 14th – Hand Knits sets 3&4. (The ones which look like fair isle sweaters)
Week 3, December 15th – 21st – Let it Snow in both gold and silver. (Snowflake)
Week 4, December 22nd – 31st – First Frost in both gold and silver. (Glittery frost swirls)

La Boheme – Hunts & KittyCatS Advent Calendar Gift

There are sooo many freebies to snatch up this month at La Boheme!

We’re stoked to be included in this years KittyCatS Advent Calendar – each day pop by the store and click on the calendar to get a gift!  La Boheme’s day is December 2nd, but you should be able to grab it after the fact if you missed it!

The other three images are for ongoing hunts in our shop, and totally worth looting! Get hunt hints from the owls over at the event wall.

  1. Let It Snow Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $1 for prize.
  2. Gingerbread Winter Wonderland Hunt – Dec 1st – 25th.  $1 for prize.
  3. Jolify Your Body Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $0 for prize.


On Freebies, Dollarbies and Mooching/Scamming

I’ve been a merchant since my second week of SL back in May 2004.  I have always ensured my items are affordable and never over priced – this is an ethical choice I have upheld for over eleven years now.   I have always offered store gifts, freebies, hunt items, sales and the likes for as long as I can recall.  I help out sponsoring events catering to causes and do my best to be a good little merchant friendly to their customer base.  I often give personal gifts here and there, as well, on a one-on-one basis with my customers.


La Boheme @ The Xmas Bash by Alcoholics Anonymous Events

AA Xmas Bash Sign

La Boheme always loves helping out for a good cause, in this case it is being a sponsor for the Alcoholics Anonymous Events Xmas Bash 2015. We’ve donated a $1,000 gift card as a prize, and throughout the event they will be holding contests to draw winners for all of these gifts donated to their affair – thousands upon thousands of linden dollars in gifts!

This event  is scheduled to start Tuesday Dec 15th and run until Monday Dec 21st.  I will post a reminder closer to the event date.  It’s still in set up mode at present.

Take a Taxi to the Xmas Bash 2015.

All featured nail appliers below are at my stall there on sale for $35 each for the duration of the event.

(If reeeeally eager, you can maybe slip in under the radar and loot my booth as of this time.)


La Boheme – The Nail Applier Conversion Is Underway!

Alright! So the conversion is going a lot faster than I had anticipated.  As you know from my previous blog post on Talus and I communing with higher powers on whether to undertake this overhaul or not, the benefits and drawbacks of creating the OMNI sets, etc. We have gone full steam ahead and are about a third of the way through already.  I really could not take this on without Talus, or it would take me a year to get all the important processing completed alone. A big heart and hug to him, for real. Want to know more about the conversion?  Clicky and read on!


La Boheme – Breast Cancer Awareness Month


La Boheme is an avid supporter of good causes, and this is our second year supporting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in SecondLife!  This year we have two means of doing this, both costing you next to nothing to assist in the awareness and prevention of breast cancer in your fellow sisters.  First, we have a set of nail appliers which are compatible with Slink, Omega and Maitreya and will cost all of a L$2 donation by grabbing the hunt object for the MSABC  Boobies Hunt. The object isn’t actually hidden, but right under the hunt info at the event wall – look for the big pink MSABC display.  That display is important, because it is also a vendor which has some super cute pink ribbon angels you can tote in your cleavage to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October!) which costs you a donation of L$10.

LB Nail Ad OMNI BCAwareness

La Boheme Ribbon Wings ad