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La Boheme @ The Cosmetic Fair

That’s right, folks, the Cosmetic Fair is back and La Boheme will be in it!  This rounds theme  is the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year which is really two unalike colors merged together.  The following cosmetic faces are our response to the challenge beset upon us, and each one is only $35.

The Cosmetic Fair will run from March 15th -31st.  I will put a taxi link in here closer to the date. =)

La Boheme @ The Skin Fair 2016

It’s a bit early, but I wanted to give you a nice tease.  La Boheme will have a stall at the 2016 Skin Fair which runs from March 11 – 27. I will do another post closer to its time with a taxi link for yas ‘n whatnot, but here are the products to paw and oogle. <3 Each set will be $50 for the duration of the event and there are 8 eyeshadow sets, 4 lip sets and 4 eyebrow sets. All products are no transfer,  the lips and brows are modifiable for tinting purposes. For classic SL avatars only!

La Boheme – We <3 RP Event, February

For the February round of We <3 RP, these nine items are available for $50 each. The lips are tintable, whereas the rest is not modifiable. Demos are provided for all, and after the event they will be moved to my shop where they will be priced at $75 a set.  We <3 RP opens on the 4th of every month and lasts until the end of said month.  Take a taxi to We <3 RP!

A small note- If you intend to tint the lips from their base color, please be aware there are shadows and highlights outside of the lip line which is what helps to contour the mouth with my Kissable lip lines. You will not want to buy just the pale lips and tint them darkly, as this will cause the highlights to go wonky and you’ll look really strange.  Try to tint within a likewise darkness/lightness! Each set has colors in a darker or lighter range to help you with this. =)

La Boheme – Valentine’s Dollarbie Face Paint!

LB Facepaint Ad Whole Lotta Love

In the spirit of V-day and amore in the air, I made this cute cheek face paint for the Vintage Valentine Hunt.  Find the red rose in my store and get this for a mere $1, or, if reeeeally lazy, the red rose at the event sign offers the same item for $25. The object is super easy to find, so I suggest going on the hunt.  The “Whole Lotta Love” face paint is tintable with three opacity levels and a ghost impression, as well.


Unrelated, I am having issues with Flickr and cannot connect to it.  So for now, I hope those wayward peeps on Flickr find their way to my blog because I can’t post item previews until my issues with FLickr are resolved.

La Boheme – Eyebrows!

The big fad in SL and RL right now are very thick eyebrows. That I comb through volumes of inspirational images to create my cosmetics, I see 10,000 internet socialites painting on brows twice as thick as their own and walking around like Joan Crawford sans a wire hanger in hand (most of them attempting to resemble Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, I swear there is a clone war going on out there!).

In a galaxy far, far away I used to make skins (for those who haven’t been around as long, I was one of the first five skin makers in SL, but that is another story). After having deleted my entire store back in 2014, I decided to focus on nails and cosmetics only.  I make use of a lot of tattoo layer cosmetics, and eyebrows are among them. Thus far, however, the brows you find in my shop are not “natural” brows.  These are lending the illusion of the “Kim Kardashian brow fad;” painting the eyebrow outside of the lines with sharp contouring and subtle blending a the inside corners.  I am in the process of expanding my brow line and cranking out more at present for the upcoming Cosmetic Fair in March (they will be $50 a set for the duration of the event).

I do intend to add more natural brows in the future, but unless making them for a specific skin it is difficult to pull off “natural” without shading around and beneath them – the downfall of being a third-party cosmetic creator.  We do what we can and hope, for the most part, that the cosmetics we crafted can be close to universal.  In any case, if you enjoyed my last batch of brows released, stay tuned because I have many more brows coming out soon!

Sneak preview of just a few:
eybrows in progress


La Boheme on Cosmetic Ads, Portraits & Photoshop Touch Ups

Yay, I’ve returned after a much needed vaca-rest from creating shop stuffs (and, coincidentally, finding my zen in Fallout 4 and Dying Light, both of which I received for Christmas. Ever the gamer girl, I would suggest you try both if you like video games.)  I am wrapping up some ads I am making for new cosmetics which will be featured in the February round of We <3 RP, and I was showing Talus something I was doing to the face and it occurred to me that I could do a post about this.  If interested in SL portrait processing in Photoshop, read on. If not, keep an eye out for all the new goodies coming in the next month, both soon and later!  Warning: new make up previews included in my discussion, click to see. =)


La Boheme’s Four Weeks of Holiday Giveaways!

Each week of December, you can find a newly unlocked gift under the store tree for free!

Week 1 is waiting for you. =)

Week 1, December 01st – 07th –  Deck The Halls in both gold and silver. (Green/red with frosty holly)
Week 2, December 08th – 14th – Hand Knits sets 3&4. (The ones which look like fair isle sweaters)
Week 3, December 15th – 21st – Let it Snow in both gold and silver. (Snowflake)
Week 4, December 22nd – 31st – First Frost in both gold and silver. (Glittery frost swirls)

La Boheme – Hunts & KittyCatS Advent Calendar Gift

There are sooo many freebies to snatch up this month at La Boheme!

We’re stoked to be included in this years KittyCatS Advent Calendar – each day pop by the store and click on the calendar to get a gift!  La Boheme’s day is December 2nd, but you should be able to grab it after the fact if you missed it!

The other three images are for ongoing hunts in our shop, and totally worth looting! Get hunt hints from the owls over at the event wall.

  1. Let It Snow Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $1 for prize.
  2. Gingerbread Winter Wonderland Hunt – Dec 1st – 25th.  $1 for prize.
  3. Jolify Your Body Hunt – Dec 1st – 31st.  $0 for prize.