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La Boheme – We <3 RP October

We <3 RP does not open for a few more days (October 4th), but I thought I would share a preview of the goodies in which you will find there from La Boheme. All items in the two slideshows featured below are only L$50 for each set!

La Boheme’s Bi-Monthly L$10 Discount Area Update

To the right of the entrance, beside the event wall and above the Fifty5 Thursday area is the L$10 discount area where twice a month I put 8 items up for sale.  Today the changeover was made, and here are the new items set up for the next two weeks.

Take a taxi to La Boheme.


La Boheme: Fifty5 Thursdays on 9.17

These four products are on sale for L$55 each for this week’s Fifty5 Thursday at our in-world shop!

Take a taxi to La Boheme.

Did you know La Boheme tends to put their Fifty5 Thursdays discounts out two days early and leaves them up over the weekend?  If you miss the sale on Thursday, or want to be an early bird, you can pop by before or after Thursday to grab them!  We almost never miss a Thursday, so these sales tend to be running almost every week.  They can include brand spankin’ new items or old favorites – don’t miss out!

What the heck is Fifty5Thursdays?  It’s a weekly sales list which dozens upon dozens of designers around the grid  contribute to on weekly basis to sell items at a discount price of L$55.  The group joiner to receive the newsletter every Thursday is conveniently located at La Boheme beside the event wall, or visit their website for pretty pictures! Fifty5 Thursdays.

La Boheme @ The Cosmetic Fair

From September 15th (1 pm PST/SL Time) – September 30th
The Cosmetic Fair is BACK!  All my items are set to a 30% discount of L$50 each for the duration of the event until coming home to the shop where they will be L$75 thereafter. THEN there is this really adorable Lip Pets gacha for only $10 a try, five rares and a 15% chance to get those rares! We’ve three new double sets of Glamour Eyes plus the second half of the Kissable Lips launch. Don’t forget to pick up the free gift from La Boheme when there, a lovely set of Slink manicure and pedicure. =)

Take a taxi to The Cosmetic Fair!

La Boheme @ We <3 RP until September 30th

Don’t miss out on the 30% off sale of items La Boheme has over at this round of We <3 RP.  All items are priced at L$50 until the end of the event, thereafter will be L$75 in the store. These are for standard SL avatars only, not mesh heads.

Take a taxi to We <3 RP.