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Taking a moment to answer some common customer questions…!

Hi there. =)

Santana Lumiere (me!) has been a content creator in Second Life since early 2004 under the store name Nevermore.  As a designer, I get a wide range of comments from customers, both appreciative and complaints.  This is common place and all of it taken  into consideration for future products.   I would like to take a moment to field some comments I have amassed over the years and hope this helps those who are new to perusing La Boheme products.   This article will later appear as a permanent page for future access.


La Boheme @ The Skin Fair 2017

The Skin Fair is nearly here!   From March 10th-26th is your time to engulf yourself in monstrous lag to struggle with your fellow SLers in reaching for the newest, the best, the most desirable of skins, cosmetics and so forth to adorn your avatar all in one location.  Take a taxi to the Skin Fair (only works once event opens). La Boheme is located on the 2nd sim for the event, and hopefully this link will provide you a beacon to follow to our stall.

We will be releasing some new polishes there and including some more recent releases, each set is marked down to a mere $35!

Our exclusives are four sets of lip glosses created for Catwa’s Kimberly Bento head.  I cannot vouch whether these will look the same on Catwa’s other heads, so please make use of the demos provided to check for yourself!  Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

And last but never least, our duo-release of Catwa bento and non bento eye cosmetics (also launching at this month’s We ♥ RP event). Prices are $50 a set for the duration of the event.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Skin Fair and come away with lots of loot.  While there, please visit La Boheme’s stall so you can snatch up this gift for only $1…  Love you guys! ♥♥♥


La Boheme @ We <3 RP December Round

Wewt, We ♥ RP will be back on the 4th with another round of awesomeness from so many talented designers. Not only that, but lots of holiday gifts from them will be available to you for free!  La Boheme’s gifts are two sets of gilded nail appliers, don’t miss out!

Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.

All product sets are only $50 for the duration of the event.

La Boheme – About Group Notices

For some time now I have not been sending out mail to those who have subscribed to our news bulletin.  The reason for this is simple: The company who hosts it is asking about $1,800 a month simply to keep the newsgroup active which is highway robbery, in my opinion (that’s $21,600 to send out 12 notices a year!) .  I’ve searched the marketplace for other subscribers where one can simply click the sign to join or unjoin as I dislike making an actual store group in SL for the lack of space many people have as to group joining.  I have not found one which will not charge me a spectacular cost to accommodate the amount of people subscribed to my newsgroup (They all seem to boost the cost substantially after you pass the 500 or 750 member mark).

Therefore, after December I will no longer be using one.  Unless someone knows of a decent inexpensive one and wishes to let me know in-world (Santana Lumiere is my avatar), you will need to rely on this blog, Flickr or when I occasionally spam freebie groups with news as to my store, new products and giveaways and the likes.  I apologize for this inconvenience.

SL needs an internal Better Business Bureau!

This is a post of personal reflection to some very poor conduct of a sales group admin, a well as some suggestions for those who do run events, groups or salesroom on how to cut down on group spam which is a win/win situation for everyone involved in that group. I’ll tuck it behind this tag here, so that those who might not be interested aren’t forced to read it. ♥