Hunts Through To The End Of September

There are a number of ongoing hunts for free or dollarbie gifts to which you may be interested.  Please see slideshow for a preview of these, and click the ‘More’ for individual listings.  These are the same info listings as can be found in the treasure chest on the front counter of the in-world shop where all hunt hints and information are stored. <3

Take a taxi to La Boheme.

Around the Grid in 80 Days Hunt – July 13th-Sept 30th  $1/$25
Searching for: A scroll
Hint: All the world’s a stage – I prefer to hide backstage behind the curtain.

Under The Sea Hunt – Aug 24th-Sept 30th  $1
Searching for: Plushy Squid Toy
Hint: Forests are magical places, on land or beneath the waves.

Tie The Knot Hunt  Sept 1st-30th  $0
Looking for: Ring box
Hint: Little Oscar got down on his paws to propose to Luna on her throne.

Paint My Nails Hunt  Sept 7th-20th   $5
Searching for:  Pink heart nail polish bottle picture
Hint: Garfield likes to eat ferns, Oscar the store cat prefers to eat these.

Best Foot Forward  Sept 20th-Oct 4th  $4
Searching for: Footprint silhouette
Hint: You might have to be a superhero to jump high enough to touch the sun!

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