La Boheme – Eyebrows!

The big fad in SL and RL right now are very thick eyebrows. That I comb through volumes of inspirational images to create my cosmetics, I see 10,000 internet socialites painting on brows twice as thick as their own and walking around like Joan Crawford sans a wire hanger in hand (most of them attempting to resemble Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, I swear there is a clone war going on out there!).

In a galaxy far, far away I used to make skins (for those who haven’t been around as long, I was one of the first five skin makers in SL, but that is another story). After having deleted my entire store back in 2014, I decided to focus on nails and cosmetics only.  I make use of a lot of tattoo layer cosmetics, and eyebrows are among them. Thus far, however, the brows you find in my shop are not “natural” brows.  These are lending the illusion of the “Kim Kardashian brow fad;” painting the eyebrow outside of the lines with sharp contouring and subtle blending a the inside corners.  I am in the process of expanding my brow line and cranking out more at present for the upcoming Cosmetic Fair in March (they will be $50 a set for the duration of the event).

I do intend to add more natural brows in the future, but unless making them for a specific skin it is difficult to pull off “natural” without shading around and beneath them – the downfall of being a third-party cosmetic creator.  We do what we can and hope, for the most part, that the cosmetics we crafted can be close to universal.  In any case, if you enjoyed my last batch of brows released, stay tuned because I have many more brows coming out soon!

Sneak preview of just a few:
eybrows in progress


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