La Boheme Goes Bento

Hey folks!

I have a lot of great things to be released in March – From 14 sets of fantasy eyes all in homage to the 14 tribes of Garou from the World of Darkness RPG (I love that RPG!) ranging from heavy on the wolf to more human and everywhere in between, to loads of Catwa Gwen head eyeshadows and eyeliners (9 sets!).  These will be featured at both the 2017 Skin Fair and We ♥ RP.

However, in light of the recent Bento head craze (of which all of La Boheme’s Catwa applier cosmetics are compatible with Catwa Bento heads), I am going to be designing some cosmetics specifically for the Kimberly Catwa Bento Head.  I chose that one of the three presently available because its dynamics work best for me.   Again, because of the Catwa applier system, these will be universal with all their heads, I just can’t guarantee the textures will wear the same. I have noticed that what looks good on the Gwen head looks just as good on Kimberly.  It is really dependent on your shape and brow settings how anything wears, the Bento heads are just so sensitive to settings.

Santana playing on the Catwa Kimberly Bento mesh head.   Still busy configuring my shape (such a struggle) as to how I want it, but proof the La Boheme appliers work well with these new heads!  I was also looking into their rigged mesh eye system which looked ingenious.  However, to my dismay, noticed the right eye (or left if looking at the picture above, as it would be mirrored) is off center and creating a slight Steve Buscemi lazy eye effect.   I can’t seem to position it better since it is rigged, and that means all eyes will come out this way, unfortunately.  I will research this further, as I was considering making appliers from my mesh eye sets for this particular product if it were possible.  (Apparently those were freebie eyes and independent of Catwa’s mesh eye system)

**UPDATE**  All systems go, yo.   I’ve investigated the eyes and we will be working on adding Catwa appliers to all our yet-to-be-released eyes, and back dating a few other sets which I favor.   This will not be available for all of our mesh eye sets previously released, but everything from here on out, should it go smoothly, will have a Catwa applier for their eyes included in the sets. ♥  Thank Talus, who is the super amazing hand of assembly for many of La Boheme’s products, as well as Master of our Marketplace store! Yes, that is an official title. =P He’s rolling up his sleeves and rearing to go on the huds.

I also heard that the LeLutka Simone v2.0 Bento head has come with new layers which fix the longstanding issue of the eyelashes, when blended to look natural, causing a massive alpha overlay of their eye/lid area.  I hadn’t been able to make cosmetics for that system for a long, long time due to this.   I am excited to be able to work on that some later on, hopefully!  So LeLutka Bento head wearers, I will get something out for you soon (pending my inspection of the head to see that the issue has been remedied first). ♥  Please understand that LeLutka is using different scripts for their Bento heads vs all their other heads being compatible script-wise, therefore existing LeLutka appliers created by La Boheme do not work with their Bento head!   I will need to make new stuffs (and transpose the old stuff over if it works well with the Simone head still).

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