La Boheme – Omega and Maitreya Nail Appliers Info

There are some relevant points to be made about La Boheme’s future as a nail applier empire and it all has to do with Maitreya, Omega, Slink and Belleza.  Please read on!

On Maitreya Nail Appliers From La Boheme
There are 90 some odd Maitreya appliers in the shop already, and I intended to have more up by now.  The volume of work which goes into converting and processing my designs to the Maitreya system is a tedious one I think only other designers who have undertaken this can relate to.  Multiply that by the roughly 400 nails being converted (old and new favorites!), it’s a slow process when juggling my workload for events, hunts, and personal life away from SL.  I will have more to come soon and post here and to my store subscription group as new batches are added.

A couple customers have asked why is there no pedicure to the Maitreya nail appliers I am selling.  Expecting pedicures free in your polish sets is something I think many hold simply because with the Slink system it was super easy for designers to toss both in.  Before this, you just didn’t expect it.  The Maitreya templates are very different than Slink or Belleza, and the amount of shrinking, stretching, screwing with the textures I make to fit in the format of the Maitreya hands loses a lot of clarity and definition of the original design.  The toe template is 5x more frustrating that they are not even rectangles but polygons for the toes, and with the amount of altering to squeeze my images into their tiny, oddly shaped format, the image looks like dog barf when I am done.  Blurry, dwarfed, not pretty.  When I get to releasing my solid colors and ombres for Maitreya, I will include pedicures then as there are no designs to destroy in the process.  Until then, I apologize if you were looking for a pedicure for this system from my array of nail appliers.

(Please note, my above statements referencing the Maitreya system were not meant to be critical, I am an avid fan of the Lara mesh body.  The toenail template is just evil, however.)

On the Upcoming Conversion to the Omega System For La Boheme Nail Appliers
Omega has taken over the applier world much the same way Slink had before there were competitors.  Cudos to the Omega peeps. More and more you see skin designers and cosmetics folks utilizing their system for appliers.  After a very interesting conversation earlier in the week with a customer who is also a designer, I held a conference with Talus on the matter.  (Talus is that weirdo guy who you might see lurking around the shop petting the store cats. Don’t bug him about store stuff, he only handles back-end processing for La Boheme while humming Eye of the Tiger in my ear as I make stuff.)  To Omega or not to Omega, that was the question.

As of right now Belleza has Omega support for their mesh body systems. Slink announced on their website that the next update for their female bodies and parts will have Omega support, as well.  How does this affect La Boheme?  Well, I make nail appliers for both store’s systems, of course!  I have always made my nails in Slink first as the format and processing to assemble the huds is the easiest system overall. As you can tell, I make a lot of nails, and unfortunately the amount of processing 20 note cards per applier set (manis and peds for each) for the Belleza system means a bit of craziness as 20 applier huds are made…40…60..etc.  Belleza has slipped to the back burner, and I really don’t like that. I want Belleza body people to have access to my newer designs, too, and also alleviate the phenomenal workloads I contend with regularly. If I convert to Omega, I can kill two birds with one stone and output a singular set which applies to Slink, Belleza and all the other systems which the Omega nail appliers support. That means no more wait for the Belleza folks, and Slink folks will still be getting theirs.

This changeover will not be immediate – Slink has yet to release the Omega support update.  I will maintain all my previously made nail appliers for Belleza and Slink on the Marketplace, but they will not be sold in my in-world shop any longer once the conversion is well under way. This is more about wall space and prims and alleviating customer confusion.  Once La Boheme goes the Omega route,  only Omega and Maitreya nail appliers will be at the in-world store location.  In the conversion I will also be retiring many nails. Again, these can be found as they are on the marketplace, but over a hundred and fifty will not make the cut to the Omega system simply due to being dated material. I repeat: This will not happen immediately, and there will be a lot of work between Talus and myself to even make this conversion work smoothly.  I hope you all can understand why this change has been decided, and it is all about customer convenience ultimately. Thank you.


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