La Boheme on Bionic Avatars & Mesh Applier Cosmetics!


After spending the last month generating a huge assortment of cosmetics for the classic SL avatar, La Boheme is finally turning its focus to mesh applier cosmetics per popular demand…

I have no problem admitting I am technologically challenged.  Without Talus and others, I would probably still be on 14.4 dial up with a Mac Classic II (don’t laugh, I actually had that combination long, long ago).  Keeping up with the ever shifting world of SecondLife and the multitude of resources and programs and tutorials available for content creators is not my forte (Talus is my personal geek IT boy, he collects these little shining stars of knowledge and brings them to me). As a consumer in SecondLife I am often slower to catch up with fads as I don’t get out much due to workloads unless I am on my role playing alt, and even there I have barely had much opportunity to find escape for the last year. Those two factors affects much of what I do as a content creator.

I was perfectly happy with my system avatar. I really was. The mesh head and body phenomenon struck me as frivolous, but I did purchase one of each from TMP on my RP alt to check it out.  I wore both for maybe a day and took them off and went back to my classic av.  I really liked the high resolution of textures on mesh bodies/faces, for me that was the *biggest* draw, my ass being perfectly sculpted came second. Suddenly the market was being flooded with various body systems, mesh heads to follow, and I hung low under the radar.  I began wearing a mesh body a bit later because I fell in love with the Maitreya body due to its more generous curves and contours that I could not find otherwise, and accumulated a few more mesh heads along the way for my RP alt, but each time within a day of having them decided there were too many issues with them from a proportionate standpoint that I could not bring myself to continue wearing them. I am not trying to be a critic, this is about personal preferences.

It’s not necessarily vanity but OCD issues which kept me from embracing the mesh head craze, and because of this I decided not to go through the ginormous ordeal of creating cosmetics for products I don’t even use.  Everything I make I use at some point or another, I learned long ago when you stop creating things *you* want, then it becomes a chore and not a joy and you burn out very quickly.  However, something happened three days back and it’s changing everything for me.

I fell in love.  For the first time I put on a mesh head and skin applier for it and I swooned.  HOLY SHIT, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL (see image above).  Really, I had that reaction.  It was like no other head or skin combination I had tried previously tempted me enough to go full bionic (what I refer to mesh avatars as, snicker), it was just waiting to pounce me with this duo and dazzle me into compulsively buying it not just on one avatar, but TWO. lol  I don’t really do the twin thing with my avatars, but I couldn’t help it this time.  Then, once having become bionic, I froze in my tracks and had a realization – Oh nooo, I don’t make cosmetics for these things. /o\

So, with all that said, I am making a formal announcement that my next project focus will be cosmetic appliers for bionic folks. As I am rocking a Lelutka head, this will be my base which I have to map out all the texture pulls for and so forth, that will be a preliminary and necessary process which may take a bit of time.  I am going to investigate what systems I can translate to (ie: Omega for system versatility, Catwa possibly, etc – basically, the easiest way to cover most bases for popular mesh head systems) without too much fubar happening to my textures when set on a different mesh model and being affected by all of *those* texture pulls.  Give me some time, I’ll make sure all you pretty babies who have been asking me repeatedly for mesh applier cosmetics get a little something to squeal about. =)


PS- And for those folks who wonder why I don’t just recycle my existing cosmetics for mesh appliers, I will say this – they don’t translate.  I have tested some already, and while the templates bear a resemblance to the SL classic avatar, they aren’t the same at all.  I make each cosmetic *for* the SL avatar, meaning they are all counter balanced for the texture pull issues of the SL avatar.  What looks like a straight line when worn might be a sloping zigzag, etc. So, what cosmetics I put together under this declaration o’ mine will be designated specifically for mesh and unavailable for folks who do not wear mesh heads (I’m sorry, but I have so much make up already for system avatars for you to play with, go look!). This does not mean it is the end of my creation of things for system avatars, just present projects I will be undertaking shortly. <3

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