La Boheme – Preview & Amusement

Making cosmetics and face paints isn’t exactly a glamorous job. Snarf.

It’s dozens upon dozens, sometimes hundreds of temp uploads to work around the eight million texture pulls all over the avatar face.  I do the best I can, really.  I don’t think people realize how much work goes into an eyeshadow set.  In any case, this usually involves me in my studio standing there without hair and a gray head to everyone but me (as temp uploads appear), which is probably the SL equivalent to wearing a green mud mask and rollers in my hair.  Not so dazzling when friends pop in to say hi to me.


Then there are the cats.  Anyone who has been by the La Boheme shop has probably spied Oscar and Luna sleeping or zooming around.  I have two in my studio as well, Tristan and Isolde.  These are the breedable KittyCatS which are highly interactive and it’s difficult to not impose RL feelings of cats and cat personalities as they do their pixel cat thing and also flirt with you.  However, these cats camp me constantly, pushing me, begging for attention when I am trying to work and then I feel guilty for ignoring them. Meh!  Here’s me taking a forced cat break when trying to work yet again. (If you are a cat person, give Oscar and Luna some love when you come to my store, just right mouse click them like you would a sofa and petting options come up.) Usually I guilt Talus into logging in to play with them while I work if they are ganging up on me like this, but the ghetto laptop he is stuck with at the moment is kitty proof.

So, for the October round of We <3 RP I am doing a number of face paints for that Halloween feel.  I’m only going to share two right now, but I am really excited about these.

sugar skulls

These are two sets of sugar skull face paints I made which have two colorable layers to wear with them that you can make them as colorful as you want, or make the colors the same… Really up to you.  Day of the Dead rocks. =P  I couldn’t resist.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for some more awesomeness to come in a few days!

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