La Boheme – The Nail Applier Conversion Is Underway!

Alright! So the conversion is going a lot faster than I had anticipated.  As you know from my previous blog post on Talus and I communing with higher powers on whether to undertake this overhaul or not, the benefits and drawbacks of creating the OMNI sets, etc. We have gone full steam ahead and are about a third of the way through already.  I really could not take this on without Talus, or it would take me a year to get all the important processing completed alone. A big heart and hug to him, for real. Want to know more about the conversion?  Clicky and read on!


–As of this post–

175 sets are in processing (assembly which takes many steps + marketplace listings).

177 sets are waiting to be processed.

Death toll: 234 zombies sets are being retired/discontinued.



For those who have not been following along, La Boheme has been juggling (kinda poorly) three different mesh system nails : Slink, Belleza and now Maitreya.  (Warning: the rest of this paragraph is partially griping my reasons for the following paragraphs, skip if you like.) Belleza really got the shaft where updating nail sets was concerned because the process to make the huds is rather tedious from a designer perspective (20 notecards per set to fill out and put in each button for manis and pedis – to put that in perspective, it is not uncommon for me to crank out 8..10..20 sets at a time for varying events so those 20 notecards per set add up quickly), whereas Slink was super easy so it was what I designed first (1 note card for both mani and pedis).  With Maitreya on the playing field, innumerable customer requests and that both my merchant avatar and my role play avatar wear the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, I had to begin converting over.  The Maitreya templates are not friendly to process at all, and also require the 20 note cards for mani and pedis and is, unfortunately, completely different from the Belleza 20 note cards (despite requiring the very same information) so I couldn’t just recycle those over due to note card differences and the reformation which Maitreya demands where the texture template is concerned (don’t get me started..).  Between that and my other workloads for events and hunts and trying to actually have a life, it was impossible to upkeep while performing conversions across the board to please my customers. That makes for a very grumpy and dissatisfied Santana purely because I have always catered to my customer base since the very beginning.  /end rant about the icky nail assembly process

I had a very interesting conversation with a customer who is also a designer, and she was very pro Omega because of its versatility in pulling together varying systems for mesh bodies and body parts through their conversion kits.  Talus and I discussed this a lot, and ultimately saw this as something we could/should undertake because Belleza now officially has Omega support and Slink posted on their website that with their next update that they will, as well.  Not only that, but people who use lesser known mesh body systems which has Omega kits to allow them to make use of my nails now CAN.  It seemed like only good could come from this changeover. No one has to wait anymore, and everyone can get new nails as they are released (Belleza folks, use the Omega huds, yo.)

Introducing the OMNI Sets from La Boheme – Each packaged set will contain appliers for Slink, Omega and Maitreya and still cost only L$50.  All future nail sets from my shop will bear the OMNI name because of this and carry appliers for those three systems. As I told my store bloggers – if anyone even so much as thinks of making another universal system like Omega, I am hiring a hitman cuz I’m not remaking all of these sets we are currently putting together! I have spent this week going through alllllll of La Boheme’s nail designs which stem from May 2014 to current – that is 586 applier sets (Slink) and counting. Ok, so I am a wee bit industrious. >.>

Initially we thought that leaving all the previous independent brand sets on the marketplace was going to work, but really, once we get these 352 Omni sets up and running, my marketplace is going to leap well over a thousand items and I really don’t want to confuse people or make them paw through all that crap (I wish we could organize our marketplace “shops” better to be user friendly).  So here is the verdict: All the previous Slink, Belleza and Maitreya listings on the marketplace will be coming down once all the OMNI sets are done and listed.  It’s fairly redundant otherwise, but also means that 234 sets will be discontinued foreeeeveeeerrrrr (these are Slink sets which had not been converted to either of the other systems I have up). Why retire so many?  Some are old/dated, others are just small things I did for some hunt or another, others were just not as popular in their sales and then of course, there’s a few ugly ducklings in there.

I think the 352 OMNI Sets being worked on is enough, and of course all my future nails yet to be made will more than fill in the bounty to compensate for all the retired ones. Plus I am going to rework some awesome ombres, solid polishes and other nifty things for those who prefer subtlty or want Maitreya pedis from my collection, so that will bolster the count by another 30-40 at least right out of the starting gate. I’m not terribly worried. =)  (For those who want to know why I am not making Maitreya pedicure appliers for any set with a design, please see this post. There will be pedicures for the solids, ombres and some other items.)

And that’s it. This is wordy enough. Thanks for reading and keeping current on the store haps! Love.

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