Minor Blurb on Skin Tones & Nails

Just a quicky heads up, I have refined the skin tones I use for my french manicure styles. I felt kind of bad that there’s limited shades to my 10-color palette which previously excluded those of African-derived complexion or those of nationalities which are rich and dark in skin tone.   The usual shades to my skin tone set have been revamped and reduced to permit two tones catered to those of darker persuasion than previously featured.   No, I cannot cover every spectrum of skin tones various makers provide for their skins, sorry, but I will do what I can.

This will not affect nail polishes previously created, only future ones from this day forward.   I do have some nail sets which will be released this Thursday, and those are the old color palette’s top row only.

I will be releasing several varieties of french manicures in March which reflect these changes, ranging from unpolished, to gloss and then with a few standard tip shapes.  These will include both hands & feet applier huds for all systems which I create for: Slink, Maitreya and then Omega capable.

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