No Maitreya Pedicure Hud?

I am putting this here, because apparently listing it in the helpful and informative notecard which comes with every set of Omni nails from La Boheme, placing it on every marketplace listing for my nail creations and several times throughout the store blog, people fail to grasp that there aren’t Maitreya toenail appliers in my Omni nail sets unless it has no design/drawing on it. I’ve even begun to put notecards in the packages which are labelled there are no Maitreya pedicure huds for this polish, and yet people still fail to grasp that there are no Maitreya pedicure huds to that package. I have a wealth of patience and am ever kind to my customers, but if you purposefully ignore documentation provided which explains such, it is not my fault. Please take time to read those notecards designers put in their packages for you. They are there for a reason. It is redundant to repeat myself for a 3rd or 4th time to a customer who has ignored the many sources of explanation to this matter – future queries as to this will be sent a link to this page and should not be mistaken as avoidance of customer service, please.

First, let me state that freebies are given in number and happily by me often, but nail appliers are not mandatory nor obligated to come with toe polish, as well, and did not before Slink hit the markets. Slink made it very easy to toss the toe nail appliers in as the hud notecards were identical, as were the templates for the polish. It became common place to make them side by side with the nail polish appliers because it was so easy to accommodate them and one could make use of the nail polish texture for the toes without fussing in photoshop or paying for more uploads. Before this, no one expected fingernail and toenail polishes to be packed together.

Secondly, Maitreya had gone to extents to ensure their templates were very different from the standard 512×512 single image template which nail polish designers were accustomed to work within for various systems. Let’s take a look at the templates provided me by the two systems I named: Slink and Maitreya.


As you can see, the standard texture format allows for quite a bit of room and design creativity.  A 512×512 space, not exactly what nail dimensions show up as, but still quite a bit of room to work within.  This texture layout enables easy application to both fingers and toes by utilizing the same texture template and coding.  Even if one nail is smaller or broader, it is a clean application of the texture no matter which lends clarity to the image applied. Maitreya, however, does not maximize the space allowance and actually has quite a bit of wasted space on it to provide an underside to the nails, the nail faces, and then a limbo of blank space while cramming five finger nails into the very same 512×512 space as the standard template. This means all designs need to be formatted from the base 512×512 into all sorts of heights and width variations per fingernail for Maitreya, thus causing pixel distortion, loss of edges, and blurry designs which were much more attractive in the single 512×512 image, also hidden portions and random curved boundaries present a problem.  Then, examining their provided toenail template, you can see that the images are not even rectangles or squares, but awkward polygons of which only 3/4 of the allotted space is utilized which means textures are even more distorted and shrunk down with even more wasted space which could have been used to make the images larger and more clear, and again squeezing five nails into one 512×512 product.

I am not against Maitreya, I actually use their mesh body, as well.  However, by the time my drawings are skewed, shrunk, crammed and altered to fit their toenail template, the designs are blurry, reduced to hazy pixels with poor definition and just look like a horrific mess. As an artist, it is my right to decline applying my art in situations which result in an unpleasant representation as opposed to how it should actually appear.  The time it takes to format my original nail designs into the Maitreya template so that they work with the system is no laughing matter, especially considering I tend to work in spurts and therefore might come out with twelve sets of polish appliers, with ten nails per set.. That is a lot of formatting.  Double that if I include the toenails…  Not to mention another $110 per set to upload those toenails which look like dog barf thanks to all the distorted, blurry pixels.  (Please keep in mind I already pay $220 per nail set in uploads, and sell these at a base cost to you of $50, even $35 at events. Multiply that by the hundreds upon hundreds of nail sets at La Boheme, it gets quite expensive!) I do not feel comfortable selling something which looks like the end result of what occurs when making Maitreya toenail polish.  It is ugly, poor quality, and the designs are usually lost to the void of formatting. To me, it is not worth the time, energy or finances to include a pedicure for the Maitreya system because of all of these factors combined, and I would cringe if I saw someone wearing them because I know what the design ought to appear as and the actuality after mangling the designs to fit that template of tiny, uneven spaces.

All my polishes which lack a design, such as solid colors, glitters, metallics, french manicures – these all have toenail appliers in them for the Maitreya system as there is less issue of worrying about the end product.  Anything with an illustration of any nature, however, do not come with Maitreya pedicure huds for the reasons laid out above.  If you opt to make use of the Omega pedicure hud for your Maitreya toenails, it is by no fault of my own how poorly the textures align as Omega is 100% responsible for that conversion from a standard 512×512 texture in attempt to set them to the Maitreya format – a feat even they have complained about in the futility of attempting to align them. The Omega huds are provided in my nail packages so that people making use of the many other mesh systems out there can also use my nail polishes, Maitreya nails are known to be problematic where Omega attempts to convert to their system and the textures are not well set. Omega is a 3rd party system and any issues with how their system converts and aligns textures should be taken up with the creator of Omega.

You don’t need to be matchy-match between fingers and toes where designs are concerned.  I don’t believe many professional RL  cosmetologists are asked to put the same illustration on every nail possible a customer might have, unless it is a solid color.  Also, if you dislike the natural underside I put on the Maitreya nails, ask yourself – how often do you paint the underside of your fingernails when you have them done?  Probably next to never.

I am sorry if this comes off as a rant, however I hope this answers the same question cast my way 2-3 times a month by people ignoring the answers provided in the documents received with every purchase of my nails.  Read those notecards! =)

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