On cosmetics for specific mesh head systems

One of my store bloggers asked me a question the other day, and therefore I just wanted to do a tiny explanation for everyone why things are as they are.

I make cosmetics (and mesh eyes and nail polish), and as a former skin designer I realize that making cosmetics entirely universal is very difficult and next to impossible unless making them for a specific skin.  As a third party cosmetics designer, we have to hope that our products look fine on any number of skins (granted the skin one wears beneath the cosmetics is not full of dark cosmetics to begin with) and can cover lips, not mess with eyebrows, etc.  The thing is, every designer of skins sets these differently, and therefore 100% camouflage is not possible always.  Sometimes a cosmetic layer over an existing skin just does not work with that specific skin, and as a third party designer it can be a challenge.

Designing for mesh head systems is even more of a challenge, in my opinion.  This is because the creators of those mesh heads don’t sell just one head, but possibly three..five..ten different heads to their system.  Each head is unique unto itself, the way a texture rests, the way it is sculpted, mirroring or not mirroring face halves so textures rest the same on both sides of the face, etc. Their scripts might work for all their heads, and therefore an applier with their scripts might apply to all heads, but the textures all rest differently on the head once applied.

This is why I have been marking what head I was using when making the cosmetics, but letting the consumer know that while it was made for so-and-so head, the scripts let it be applied to all heads by that creator.  There is no guarantee something made for one head will look the same on another head by them, and frankly – let’s be honest. Any cosmetic applier stating it will look good on 3 systems of heads is only because the scripting is compatible but the way the texture applies is not.

Now, my blogger had asked if I could provide makeup for another Catwa head which is what she wears, whereas my Catwa appliers are all made on the Gwen head.  The answer is no, and I am so sorry for that!  It would just be too costly to run out and buy every single head Catwa puts out, adjust every cosmetic I make to fit that head, upload all of it and package – Imagine the nightmare that would be!  I only own the Catwa Gwen head, and until she puts out another that might strike me as something I just have to get right now, I don’t intend to sink a lot of my money into appropriating more heads by that creator.  Same for LeLutka – I only own the Simone head and therefore only made things for that head because it’s what I am wearing while checking my progress while creating the cosmetics.

I might make more applier cosmetics for other mesh head systems other than Catwa or LeLutka in the future, but for now, these are what I have to offer.  If the cosmetic textures don’t rest on your mesh head like it should, then I apologize but I do list what it works best with on each ad. ♥ Also, I provide demos for all eyeshadows and lipsticks, make use of those to verify the product works with whatever head it is you own in the applicable system listed.

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