On Freebies, Dollarbies and Mooching/Scamming

I’ve been a merchant since my second week of SL back in May 2004.  I have always ensured my items are affordable and never over priced – this is an ethical choice I have upheld for over eleven years now.   I have always offered store gifts, freebies, hunt items, sales and the likes for as long as I can recall.  I help out sponsoring events catering to causes and do my best to be a good little merchant friendly to their customer base.  I often give personal gifts here and there, as well, on a one-on-one basis with my customers.

Just because I enjoy giving free or nearly free items out regularly does not mean I am a pushover, however.  As though there were not enough free things already, I really dislike being approached by scammers and moochers who give me sob stories, such as “I was in surgery last month and missed your giveaways for the last three months” or “My friend has cancer and is in the hospital, can you please send them these items for free to cheer them up.”  Under normal circumstance I have no problem passing the previous free loot out or donating items to a cause, especially with reasons such as those, but these scammers are not so smart in their plan when they hit me up with the same story time after time.  They sound like sincere requests but often are a means to get free things from designers sent to either themselves or their alts.

I love giving away items to my customers and even those who only pop in for the freebies or dollarbies.  I wouldn’t put them out there in volume like I do each month if it were any other way.   Unfortunately, due to the scammers, I really have to put my foot down and say from here on out, if you miss the giveaway then you miss the giveaway.  If you didn’t do the hunt, you don’t get the prize (and will need to buy it from my vendors).  If you missed the sale, you don’t get the sale price.  You want to gift something I made to a friend, please make use of the marketplace where all my items are backed up and available.

That group of opportunists kind of spoil it for the rest of us. I’m sincerely sorry I even needed to write this down, and that those with actual issues now potentially lose out.

There is only one owner and official staff member of La Boheme: Santana Lumiere. While Talus Nemeth does assist me a great deal behind the scenes regularly, he has no official capacity  where the store or fielding public questions might be concerned. La Boheme does not give gift cards except under extremely special occasions, so if someone tries to sell you one, it is a scam more than likely. Essentially where La Boheme is concerned, if it did not come from me, was said by me, made by me, then it’s a scam. And no, you can’t get the last three months worth of freebies because you had a hangnail.

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