La Boheme – An Important Notice About Releases In The Future

Hey folks! Happy New Year. =)

This is just a heads up about some changes in how I handle my shop in SL. Usually I release scads of items regularly, most of these are unveiled at any number of events and hunts which I entertain each month. All my items come in 10 per set, and releasing 20+ sets per month is fairly normal for me. That is a lot of work. I don’t believe people understand the amount of work which goes into creating these things. I tend to work 10-16 hour days nearly every day, just creating textures, wrestling with pixels so there are no texture pulls (which is a monstrous feat each time), and I become this antisocial entity whose soul drive is to create.

A lot of things are changing in my offline world, such as my SL partner Talus who helps run the shop with me will be moving in with me IRL. A real job to come, real obligations which my time investment into SL content creation is not conducive to. My offline life is no longer just about me and only me. I simply do not have the time to commit myself to mass releases every month anymore. Also, at the rate I have been going for the last two years or more, I am beginning to burn out from the workload.

Therefore, with all that said, I am going to be slowing down on bulk releases and events I join (We ♥ RP will continue to be a main event for La Boheme, but perhaps every other month instead of every month). The store is teeming with polishes, mesh eyes and cosmetics, a wealth for anyone and everyone to enjoy. I will continue to make things, but investing 16 hour work days is not going to be possible anymore. I need time to spend with my loved ones and work, and write and enjoy life outside of pixels. =) Also, to learn mesh, because Talus and I have a mountain of inspiration to work from and want to make mesh stuffs together.

So, the upside is that new content will come, just at a slower pace. Our prices will remain low and fair as I am an advocate of not overpricing. Also, hopefully, the store will expand if I get mesh under my belt once and for all instead of simply dabbling. This also means, if you drop a notecard on me for customer assistance, I may not get to it for a day or three depending on how often I log in – However, I will get to it ASAP, promise. ♥

Thank you for being such loyal customers and I hope that you continue to enjoy the content from La Boheme. Most of all, thank you for understanding that life beyond SL should always come first.


I am still on vacation at the moment, which means I am not logging into SL because I am on vacation. I will pop in when I can to attend to any possible customer notecards left for me, but accessing SL daily is not happening at present. Thank you for understanding my MIA. After the fifteenth I will return to SL.

Twice in December I got hit by two different customers submitting long lists of their previous purchases to me, requesting I resend every item they have ever purchased to them.  No.   I will not do this for anyone again.   If your inventory is too congested to find your purchased items, then perhaps you should consider cleaning your inventory.  I am a content creator and a merchant, and my time to dedicate to SL is now under constraints.  It is not my job to sift through my store inventory to give you all your items over a second time.

If it is a purchase within the last 30 days which you are having problems with, submit a notecard to Santana Lumiere, including transaction information with item names and dates.   Not gyazo or SL snapshots, not ims which get lost in the magnitude of messages and notices I receive all day long every day – my messages cap every day.  On the front of my SL profile it says contact by notecard + transaction info, please adhere to that! ♥  I will get to them, it just might not be the same day the note was dropped on me.  Patience. Excessive hounding of me or rudeness will be met with zero customer support.  I’m a person, not a corporation. Thanks!

La Boheme – Merry Christmas + Giveaway Drawing


Merry Christmas, everyone! =)  I hope your holidays have been full of love and warmth.

Well, today is the day of the La Boheme nail giveaway – one winner will receive 523  nail applier sets from our shop as a giant Christmas gift! ♥   So, here we go…  I shake my magic number generator and….


Thank goodness transaction history lets you sort your pages by batches of 50, makes counting so much easier. 😉  And the winner issssss…. Alesha Hax!  Congratulations, Alesha.  I will be contacting you with your gift shortly.

Thank you to all the people who have made this drawing possible by scooping up our 2016 holiday nails.   This concludes our giant giveaway!

For all others-  remember the entire store (both in-world and on the SL marketplace) is 60% off – nothing is more expensive than $35!  Lots of freebie gifts to loot at our in-world location, as well, so be sure to stop by before the end of the month when the little winter fairies will be setting all the prices back to normal. Happy holidays! ♥

La Boheme’s Annual Year- End Sale 2016


That’s right, folks.   The end of the year is nearly here, and that means everything at the La Boheme shop is going on sale for 60% off again!  The sign says it all, the shopping crusade begins December 15th and it will be your chance to scoop up all the loot you can possibly carry.  Also, there’s plenty of freebie gifts awaiting you at the store should you not mind Santa bringing you a present or three.  Gift previews can be seen in previous blog posts here.  Get your shopping shoes on!

Please be aware that due to prim restrictions, all of La Boheme’s items are in vendor machines at the in-world shop.  Please be courteous to other shoppers and don’t horde four at a time, ok?  Ok!   Also, the vendors are super simple to use – click any thumbnail image on the window and it will set it to the larger central image – click that to buy the item(s) of your choice.  A first for us, Talus has endeavored to spread the holiday cheer and set the sale prices on all our items on the marketplace, too!

La Boheme @ The Wash’s Winter Cart Sale 2016

Hurrah, the cart sale is coming! Well, it is here, sort of.  Designers are still setting up, but I see a number of displays ready to go.  The awesome part?  The Wash is a shopping district open 24/7, and so the displays are all accessible!  Come snag loads of goodies from designers from the Wash & also guest designers for only $10 an item! Just follow the roads all across the sim to see the magnitude of sales available to you – and come before the sim gets too crowded by other shoppers!

La Boheme has 15 items for $10 each just outside our shop’s doors.  Several pretty nail appliers, a set of the Garou mesh eyes (10 eye colors in there!), two sets of the lip pets for the classic SL avatar, as well as two sets of lip appliers for the Catwa mesh head system.  Don’t miss out!  Just use the taxi to our shop to get here.


And yes, I totally photobombed my own display.  Shameless! ♥

La Boheme @ We <3 RP December Round

Wewt, We ♥ RP will be back on the 4th with another round of awesomeness from so many talented designers. Not only that, but lots of holiday gifts from them will be available to you for free!  La Boheme’s gifts are two sets of gilded nail appliers, don’t miss out!

Take a taxi to We ♥ RP.

All product sets are only $50 for the duration of the event.

La Boheme – KittyCatS Advent Calendar!

Yay! The KittyCatS Advent Calendar will be returning this December, and La Boheme was invited to participate.  Our day is December 8th (we were asked to swap from the 18th to the 8th!), so our gifts are available now. Each day of December other gifts will be unlocked so it is worth popping back in every few days to loot the calendar. =) A copy of the calendar is in our shop for easy access. ♥


La Boheme – About Group Notices

For some time now I have not been sending out mail to those who have subscribed to our news bulletin.  The reason for this is simple: The company who hosts it is asking about $1,800 a month simply to keep the newsgroup active which is highway robbery, in my opinion (that’s $21,600 to send out 12 notices a year!) .  I’ve searched the marketplace for other subscribers where one can simply click the sign to join or unjoin as I dislike making an actual store group in SL for the lack of space many people have as to group joining.  I have not found one which will not charge me a spectacular cost to accommodate the amount of people subscribed to my newsgroup (They all seem to boost the cost substantially after you pass the 500 or 750 member mark).

Therefore, after December I will no longer be using one.  Unless someone knows of a decent inexpensive one and wishes to let me know in-world (Santana Lumiere is my avatar), you will need to rely on this blog, Flickr or when I occasionally spam freebie groups with news as to my store, new products and giveaways and the likes.  I apologize for this inconvenience.