La Boheme – $10 Discount Area Nov 2015 Pt2

The $10 bi-monthly discount area at La Boheme has been updated for the rest of the month!  Don’t miss out on these prices.

On Freebies, Dollarbies and Mooching/Scamming

I’ve been a merchant since my second week of SL back in May 2004.  I have always ensured my items are affordable and never over priced – this is an ethical choice I have upheld for over eleven years now.   I have always offered store gifts, freebies, hunt items, sales and the likes for as long as I can recall.  I help out sponsoring events catering to causes and do my best to be a good little merchant friendly to their customer base.  I often give personal gifts here and there, as well, on a one-on-one basis with my customers.


La Boheme @ The Xmas Bash by Alcoholics Anonymous Events

AA Xmas Bash Sign

La Boheme always loves helping out for a good cause, in this case it is being a sponsor for the Alcoholics Anonymous Events Xmas Bash 2015. We’ve donated a $1,000 gift card as a prize, and throughout the event they will be holding contests to draw winners for all of these gifts donated to their affair – thousands upon thousands of linden dollars in gifts!

This event  is scheduled to start Tuesday Dec 15th and run until Monday Dec 21st.  I will post a reminder closer to the event date.  It’s still in set up mode at present.

Take a Taxi to the Xmas Bash 2015.

All featured nail appliers below are at my stall there on sale for $35 each for the duration of the event.

(If reeeeally eager, you can maybe slip in under the radar and loot my booth as of this time.)


Setting up for the November Cosmetic Fair

Setting up for the Cosmetic Fair in the wee hours of the night, I had some nice, quiet time to myself.  Even though the booth is super simple, a lot of creativity went into it from making the wallpaper to shading everything not nailed down. It’s a strong indication that I miss creating, and with the big nail conversion going on I don’t have much time to create anything unless I put the process on hold so that I can meet prearranged obligations.  That probably means once the conversion is over, I will be going overboard designing stuff.

Take a taxi to The Cosmetic Fair.


(All items pictured are on sale for $50 each.  Please see this post for a closer view in the preview slideshow.)

Nails, nails, nails..!

Talus and I are still working like the dickens converting nails, nails, nails.  This is a monumental task and we are hoping to have the nails done either before December or within the first week thereof.  I am juggling a zillion obligations as I am tremendously overbooked for the Holiday season, and that means I am trying to squeak the conversion to the Slink/Omega/Maitreya OMNI Sets in where I can.   It is safe to say that at this rate I have absolutely no social life, and when I am released out into the wild for an afternoon, I wind up thinking about nails (usually accompanied by a huff or groan).

Many of the following nails will not be available until December as these are exclusives for several events and hunts coming, but I figure a little teaser of some holiday nails might be refreshing!  It was also very nice to be back on the designing end of nails and not the processing and assembly which is the unfun part of the job.  I’ll post closer to the events to say what is what and how much and where. <3

PS – I made new packaging for the nail appliers.  I don’t mind the plain one I used previously, but I am enjoying the spruced up version which you will see newer nails being released with.  All previously created nails we are converting will appear with the old packaging, however.

Also, new french manicure nail bed colors!  The bottom row is the same as the neutrals previously (with a new even lighter tone for you pale babies), the first two in the top row is of the old pink wash, but the last three in top row are new with more satiation.  I hope these work better for you!

La Boheme @ The Cosmetic Fair November Round

Another week to go, but I will give you folks a preview of what La Boheme will be featuring at November’s Cosmetic Fair! I will add a taxi link when I know the exact SLURL.

First, let me show you the dazzling array of OMBRE NAILS!  Huzzuh.  I have been promising these for a while, so I am really excited to set these out for everyone – and yes there ARE Maitreya pedicures in these (any set I make which has no design on them will have the Maitreya pedicures, just an FYI). There are actually twenty-six sets of these, and I have paired them up into double sets which you can totally scoop up for a mere $50 each.  One version will be glossy, the other is glass per each set.  …And you folks wondered how I come up with so many Ombre backdrops –  now you can own them to match with my polishes so you don’t have the same design on all hands and feet!

Here we have four more sets of the new La Boheme Glamour Brows being launched.  These are for SL classic avatars and can be worn alone or together, three possible depths of strength to play around with, and a lot of tintable layers to make a good match for whatever hue you want.  You can also find four more Kissable Lips sets there in ombre style.  All of these are only $50 for the duration of the event. <3

La Boheme @ We Love Role Play November Round

Lots of goodies to be found on sale for $50 each at my stall @ We <3 RP this month, plus a gift for $1.

Circe is our newest eyeshadow for the classic SL avatar. It comes in six possible sets of different colors and variations.  Then we’ve four more editions for the Kissable Lips line!  Yus, this lip line, as quoted by a customer, “does not wear like an addon, it works seamlessly!”  Love that lip. =D  Also three mehndi face paint sets are out, and you know you just have to get those!

La Boheme has kicked off Glamour Brows!  So far these are for the classic SL avatar only, and each set includes sparse and thicker, painted versions – or wear both together for a strong brow definition!  They are all tintable, with some base color options as well as grays for more versatile tinting.  There’s three of them here this month. =)

Take a taxi to We <3 RP.

^ I swear I am beginning to channel Cher or something in the Circe Ads. haha <3

La Boheme @ Pastel Goth Fair & Boho Fair & Sale!

Ok peoples, here’s the low down on what’s happening this week! Sales and events kicking off and there’s some great deals from La Boheme to be had at them.

At the Pastel Goth Fair and Boho Fair is a big sale from LB,and that is a 30-35% off sale on all the loot to be found there, plus a dollarbie gifty at each one!  OMNI nails (Slink/Maitreya/Omega bundle sets) are only L$35 and Glamour Eyes & Lips are only L$50. There’s a good selection and variations on the nail selections at each fair that makes it worth stopping by my stall at both events.  The Pastel Goth Fair is already open and the Boho Fair opens tomorrow (the 19th of October).  Click the links above for a taxi to either event.

In-store we have our complete selection of Halloween OMNI nails now on sale for half off – that is L$30 per OMNI set, as well as a few freebie Halloween nails still available through hunts (Please see events wall, as well as the jack-o-lanterns for hunt hints!).  This sale will run through October 31st. I want to say “come get your ‘ween on,” but taken out of context that’s..yeah.

Eight new OMNI sets have been put up on the bi-monthly discount section of the shop, each one only $10!  Grab them while they are super cheap.