Santana’s Look of the Week + Tips for Utilizing Layer Cosmetics!

Hi there. As a SecondLife designer who has made cosmetics and skins since 2004, I get asked a lot of repetitive questions on how to maximize one’s avatar or coping with the misfortune of falling in love with a skin which doesn’t offer much diversity where cosmetics are concerned.  So I am going to take a few minutes and try to share my own findings, the pros and cons of tattoo layer cosmetics and also share a look I put together to better illustrate my gist.  Curious? Read on!


La Boheme – The Nail Applier Conversion Is Underway!

Alright! So the conversion is going a lot faster than I had anticipated.  As you know from my previous blog post on Talus and I communing with higher powers on whether to undertake this overhaul or not, the benefits and drawbacks of creating the OMNI sets, etc. We have gone full steam ahead and are about a third of the way through already.  I really could not take this on without Talus, or it would take me a year to get all the important processing completed alone. A big heart and hug to him, for real. Want to know more about the conversion?  Clicky and read on!


La Boheme – We <3 RP October

We <3 RP does not open for a few more days (October 4th), but I thought I would share a preview of the goodies in which you will find there from La Boheme. All items in the two slideshows featured below are only L$50 for each set!

La Boheme – Breast Cancer Awareness Month


La Boheme is an avid supporter of good causes, and this is our second year supporting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in SecondLife!  This year we have two means of doing this, both costing you next to nothing to assist in the awareness and prevention of breast cancer in your fellow sisters.  First, we have a set of nail appliers which are compatible with Slink, Omega and Maitreya and will cost all of a L$2 donation by grabbing the hunt object for the MSABC  Boobies Hunt. The object isn’t actually hidden, but right under the hunt info at the event wall – look for the big pink MSABC display.  That display is important, because it is also a vendor which has some super cute pink ribbon angels you can tote in your cleavage to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October!) which costs you a donation of L$10.

LB Nail Ad OMNI BCAwareness

La Boheme Ribbon Wings ad

La Boheme’s Bi-Monthly L$10 Discount Area Update

To the right of the entrance, beside the event wall and above the Fifty5 Thursday area is the L$10 discount area where twice a month I put 8 items up for sale.  Today the changeover was made, and here are the new items set up for the next two weeks.

Take a taxi to La Boheme.