About La Boheme & Santana

A Bit About La Boheme

In 2009 La Boheme began as an offshoot of my original store Nevermore (Born May 2004 – RiP May 2014).  I needed an outlet which was less grungy and dark, and that I had long since stopped making skins on the SecondLife grid, it became an outlet for cosmetics; predominately nail polish.  Textures and prim nails became a bit of obsession, much to Talus’ dismay who helps the shop out with backend workloads.  I am industrious, if anything, and flooded the market with trinkets, some hair, bohemian clothing and lots and lots of nails.    Somewhere around 2011 I became very burnt out as a designer managing two shops and so the stores slumbered.

In May of 2014 I decided to revive La Boheme once more and put Nevermore to rest indefinitely.  It was a little heartbreaking to see how much I had crafted through the years, the memories of my one-time empire, scrapped to start anew!  It was both daunting and stressful to undertake this task, starting all over, that is.  Everything which had defined me as a merchant once upon a time was now gone, donated to the Open Sim grid for those folks to enjoy while I reworked my shop with a clean slate. There was also freedom in this feat, however.

As I am writing this, early September 2015, I can say that I am both pleased and proud of all I have accomplished since relaunching my shop, the struggles and perils of being viewed as a “new designer” on the SL grid when in actuality I’m not, and the enjoyment of providing free or inexpensive designs to the residents of SecondLife and sharing in their elation of finding a new favorite eye shadow, lip, or nail polish set.  La Boheme holds over 800 nail appliers for varying systems, 50 eye shadow sets, roughly 65 lip sets, and several face paint sets (the number escapes me).  That’s only as I write this, and I am ever creating new items for events, hunts and general shop loot.  *Update – September 9th, 2016*  While we did wind up discontinuing over 250 nail polish appliers, the ranks have been replenished with many new styles all bundled up for the following systems: Slink, Omega and Maitreya.  We’ve hundreds of facepaints, eyeshadows and lipsticks for SL classic avatars, as well as cosmetics for the following mesh heads: LeLutka and Catwa.  Long ago I used to make eyes for system avatars, and now we’ve added system layer & mesh eyes to our collective at very affordable pricing. =)

Establishing my brand once more has been an arduous journey at times, I still have miles to go, but I gain my inspiration to keep on with being a content creator in SL simply by seeing the road behind me and the road ahead.  I have much to look forward to. =)


Special Thanks For All Their Support:
My trinity: Talus Nemeth, January Bauhaus, Eoferwic.  The awesomest support network I have ever had.  Their words of encouragement and suggestions have impacted me greatly, for all my tantrums over texture pulls and moments of perceived defeat, they have lifted me up time and time again.

My store bloggers: They keep me inspired!  I cannot thank them enough for their diligence and creativity in keeping up with blog posts and pulling it all together. I shall feed you cookies and paint your toenails until the end of time.

My customer base: I don’t take any of you for granted.   From those who have been patrons of my shop way back in the day to new residents stumbling on my shop serendipitously – every single one of you rocks. I mean that.  Even the ones with bad hair. >.>


A Bit About The Designer Santana Lumiere

Just who am I?  I’m the goofy girl who will make you laugh even if you don’t want to.  Possibly scribbling nonsensical stories as author or role player; avid gamer girl, horror buff, world traveler, poetic soul; a wallflower ever watching.  I knit, I draw, I sing, I dream.
That’s who I am.


Stylecard for the Logo Image (For those who may want to know)

These are SL system avatars, not mesh heads.
Skin: Both faces are wearing the same skin from Glam Affair.
Eyeshadow: La Boheme Glamour Eyes in Aine (Blonde) and Caireen (Brunette).
Lips: La Boheme Glamour Lips in Kissable – Cream style.
Eyes: Ikon – Sovereign Collection
Hair: Dela
Artistic Rendering: Santana

For future notice – While I make a variety of cosmetics for established mesh head systems, I am wearing a specific head when creating them.  For LeLutka that is the Simone head, and for Catwa it is the Gwen head. The hud scripts make these cosmetics universal to those creator’s various heads, but I cannot be responsible for how the cosmetics wear on their other heads.

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