SL needs an internal Better Business Bureau!

This is a post of personal reflection to some very poor conduct of a sales group admin, a well as some suggestions for those who do run events, groups or salesroom on how to cut down on group spam which is a win/win situation for everyone involved in that group. I’ll tuck it behind this tag here, so that those who might not be interested aren’t forced to read it. ♥

The other day I received two very flippant IMs from someone who runs one of the many sales-based groups on SL.  There are so many of these groups now, each flooded with ads all day every day from designers about store gifts, sales, new items… While very beneficial to gain access to free or cheap or new items, they are tremendously chaotic to be a member of.   For the ones I belong to where I periodically supply freebie news to, I have to immediately turn off notices and group chat capability of the group when I become a member due to the volume of spam these groups generate.  If I am on SL I am most likely working, and being bombarded every few minutes by chat or adverting notices is incredibly disruptive.  So, those functions get turned off immediately. =)  Some admin to these groups must have realized that I and others turn these functions off because they have taken our name and fed it to a bot who then spams notices from them to us outside of the group.  That was never part of the deal, and usually I just delete them, especially if they are redundant.

Let me state, if I do not log into SL multiple times a day, my notices and IMs cap out.  For the number of events, hunts, and other things I belong to, I am flooded with notices and IMs all day every day on my merchant account.  That’s even with turning notices off on most of my groups except current events I am entering into.  If this is happening to me, I can guarantee it is occurring to every other designer out there who submits their work to events and sale rooms and the likes.

I’m not going to dive into seedy detail or facilitate the nastiness aimed at me by the head of the group who spazzed at me, but let me say that this woman has some very deeply seeded issues.  I was being bombarded with notices of upwards three times per day, every day, by their bot with the -same- notecard (they decided to change their groups name again so they wanted everyone to switch to a new group again).  Over and over and over.  It was very unnecessary and began to irritate me.  I received the notecard, stop with the spam, please.   It got to the point that I decided to leave the group (so sorry people who wanted news of Maitreya-related freebies from my store through that group) and yet kept receiving these bot spams for the next two days. So I left her a very neutral message alerting her I had left the group and to please remove me from her bot so I stop receiving the notices.   She took GREAT offense to a designer leaving her group and just slammed me with bitterness and nasty remarks, griefing me for leaving her group.  — WTF lol.  Yes, that woman has zero skills on handling a designer leaving her group, but I left because of the bot spam and no other reason – not her, not her values or ethics, it was not a personal move against her.   I had not even thought of her since the interval until just now which prompted me to write a notice here.  Not to slander her, not to say “don’t join her group,” and definitely not to show her up. There’s a far more important message here I am attempting to convey.

If you decide to run a business – be it a freebie group haven, an event, a salesroom, a hunt, whatever it might be – you are reliant on designers making use of your business as a platform for their own creations to be sold or given away.  It’s very symbiotic relationship and should remain free of personal peeves or cliques or anything which can be constituted as “not business-like.” Treat the designers who help make your own business successful like they ought to be treated – with good esteem and respect. The same way we designers treat those who run businesses such as events, sales rooms or other useful platforms  – respectfully and with gratitude for providing us that platform to get our products out there for people who want them. ♥

Some suggestions to help cull the spam from sales-based groups and I hope these will be taken into consideration:

  1. Blog posts by bloggers for your event – don’t have them send to group.  Have an admin send out 1 notecard at the end of every week for whatever applicable event you are running which has all those blog posts in them and says which designers in the event are featured in whichever blog post for that week.  It’s neat to see blogs, but I honestly don’t want to be bombarded by 100 notices a week from bloggers posting about things which might not interest me.  I am certain other designers who join events and so forth would agree this would be a great idea to cut down on the volume of notices said group might generate.
  2. For events which has designers turn in copies of their exclusive items to the bloggers for that event, make a blogger sample room so designers don’t flood the group with 100 notices which include their items for that event.  The bloggers or other designers (and let’s face it, everyone in the group takes at least one of these sent out) can visit the blogger room to get the samples themselves and decide by the picture on the box if they want the item or not.
  3. For groups which rely on designers advertising their products by daily notice, place restrictions on how many times a week they can spam the group – the same notice sent out every day or every other day becomes an irritant to others receiving those notices when multiplied by x amount of designers spamming their ads.
  4. Be neutral friendly.  Don’t take remarks to heart.  Don’t play favorites.  Give everyone a fair chance.  If someone decides your group is not for them, it’s not a personal strike and don’t conduct yourself poorly over it.
  5. Events and salesrooms which feature the same pool of designers over and over and don’t give others a chance to be involved is a clique and also some of the content seems to become redundant after a year of the same product types being shown.  Let some new blood in there and give other designers a chance to prove themselves.  This is a huge complaint by many established designers for want of an opportunity to appear in a salesroom but is denied because the salesroom likes to cater to their friends only.

Over and out. ♥

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