Winner of La Boheme’s 2015 Christmas Nail Giveaway!

Merry Christmas to all of you, and for those of a different religion or belief, may I wish you the warmest holidays full of love.

I am very giddy because we’re picking the winner of the 2015 Nail Giveaway RIGHT  NOW.  Yes NOW.  I just had to do that in caps again to build enthusiasm. As you probably know, or don’t but will come to find out, La Boheme is making a gift of our entire collection of ONNI nail appliers to one lucky recipient for Christmas – that’s 457 sets of La Boheme’s famous nail polish appliers.  \o\  HERE WE GO.  Contain yourself!

Total # of entries to win the Christmas Gift: 527

Random lucky number drawn: 152 (Snapshot verification)

Recipient of Grand Prize: Shellie Pearl!

Congratulations, Shellie! <3  I’ll get that Christmas gift off to you ASAP!

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